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Pete Massiello
For more than three decades, IBM i has been implemented and utilized by organizations in various industries, from entertainment to retail, manufacturing to financial services, nonprofits to worldwide distribution. Today, these enterprises continue to entrust the IBM operating systems to run their most critical business applications and provide security for sensitive data, as they work to implement digital transformation and innovation.

As the broader IT community quickly seeks to shift from legacy systems and adopt next-gen developments of IBM i, they will find it to be an increasingly tedious and expensive task. Also, companies that stay on previous and outdated versions of IBM i can expose themselves to cyberthreats, security risks and even integration issues. Many companies lack the skilled staff to implement new technology into their systems without causing disruptions of their on-going business operations. To this end, iTech Solutions Group is using their expertise to help firms optimize the performance and utilization of their IBM i OS and Power Systems hardware. “A lot of times when we’re working with a CIO and they want to bring in new technology but their staff doesn’t have the skills, we can augment and supplement those skills as well as provide knowledge transfer. So we can implement the new technology for them and train their staff on using it,” states President of iTech Solutions Group, Pete Massiello.

iTech Solutions has been an IBM Business Partner for over 20 years, offering customized and flexible services and solutions for IBM i. The company’s services are tailored to meet each customer’s requirements and eradicate their pain points; this includes technical support, remote systems management, quarterly PTF maintenance, new hardware, OS upgrades, DR hosting and testing, performance analysis, and more.“When you need a doctor, you require a specialist, and that’s what we are. iTech Solutions is focused on the IBM i landscape to make sure customers get the best possible solution that meets their needs,” states Massiello.
A critical differentiating factor of the company is its team of certified IBM Power System sales and technical consultants, IBM i system administrators and skilled technicians, and the myriad of offerings that ensure their customer’s IBM i system is functioning at its optimal level. “We offer our customers different options and explain to them the positives and negatives of each based on their requirement. This way, we ensure the right solution for the long term,” explains Massiello.

Although the market is replete with IBM i solution providers, iTech Solutions Group have nailed it. Massiello points-out that in the last two years, the company has done over 700 system upgrades. In one such instance, a customer was seeking an upgrade from a legacy version of the IBM i that prevented them from integrating the latest hardware and solutions that IBM was developing. What at first seemed like a daunting task for the customer, turned out to be a seamless migration to the latest IBM i OS after collaborating with iTech Solutions Group. “Our customer retention rate is about 99 percent. And I think when customers come back, that is the best measurement of satisfaction,” elucidates Massiello.

Companies seek to implement business applications using the IBM i operating system on IBM in bid to outpace their competitors, differentiate their offerings from the competition, and turn operational costs into investment opportunities. At its core, the IBM i operating system is a platform designed to adapt to the needs of business computing, with the expectation that both business and computing will change over time. To provide reliable support for the operating system and stay ahead of its competitors, iTech Solutions Group plans to continue investing in its infrastructure to help develop its employee’s skills in mitigating issues in the IBM i OS. “We’re making sure we have a lab in the office where our staff can build and enhance their skills. We want to stay ahead of the curve by investing in ourselves to continue the future growth of the company,” concludes Massiello.

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Pete Massiello

iTech Solutions has been an IBM Business Partner for 20+ years, offering customized and flexible business solutions for your IBM