Attain Insight: Enforcing Security through Robust Access Control

Paul Hulford, CEO & VP of Sales
The growing swamp of knowledge and technology has greatly impacted the security of valuable organizational data and information assets. Changing business priorities, regulations and industry standards, as well as the proliferation of advanced malicious attacks have all affected the task of securing crucial business data. Most often, CIOs and CSOs are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting these ‘crown jewels’. For a good number of firms, the decision-process on where to act involves selection and prioritization of security risks. The factors involved even in just selecting which risks to mitigate is getting complicated quickly. The secret to achieving optimal levels of protection lies in having good access control systems—systems that have the ability to provide effective control over all the methods of information access. Attain Insight has built its business around analytics, location intelligence and the implementation of robust access control systems to help customers address compliance and privacy concerns. As a trusted IBM Gold Business Partner, Attain Insight aims to protect knowledge assets in a more proven and efficient way.

The company hosts solutions that deal with managing production systems in a world of growing cyber threats. While many organizations are looking at insider threat detection as a key priority it is important to recognize that acting on such intelligence is only sustainable when complete and accurate control over system access exists. Attain Insight Security 4X—a centralized security administration and compliance reporting solution—is purpose built to handle complex enterprise access control requirements. The solution is approved by IBM and available through IBM’s Global Solutions Directory. “Our customers can now take preventative action against information and data-access threats rather than after-the-fact scrambling and damage control,” states Paul Hulford, CEO and VP of Sales at Attain Insight. As a leading solution for IBM Analytics customers in the information access control space, Security 4X uses analytics to increase the bottom line or improve business performance including data quality and governance. The solution ensures that information is accessible only by authorized users, and all changes to security are tracked, complying fully with industry standards for both reporting and security policy management.

Our customers can now take preventative action against information and data-access threats rather than after-the-fact scrambling

Attain Insight’s access control capabilities have been embraced by Veolia Water Technologies, a water and environmental services company running ERP-JDE and associated data warehouses. Veolia’s IBM Cognos Analytics solution has over 1,100 users and 15 business-facing administrators. For Veolia, Attain Insight’s Security 4X provides the required access control delegation capabilities. “Since 2012, we have been using it and it has really accelerated the process of building the security especially with the smart policy management. It has also simplified a lot of local administration, and now all 15 of our admins are managing security access for their own user community areas,” commented Raphael Labis, Veolia’s BI reporting manager, Corporate IT, BI Reporting. Attain Insight also has an entrenched IBM-using customer base in the provincial and federal government space.

According to Paul Hulford, the message is simple, “We can help. We would like to tell more organizations about Security 4X and its access control capabilities. This trusted solution will give control back to CIOs and CSOs so they can address threats, and support changing business needs, including organizational structure and people changes, allowing for direct and swift response to incident investigations.”

Moreover, now that cloud based solutions, including security, are gaining acceptance at an ever increasing rate, Hulford sees a bright future for Attain Insight. “Customers want efficiency and bottom-line results, yesterday. Hosted-solutions offer immediate value without the worry of infrastructure costs. We’re finding more and more business departments are seeking time-to-value solutions. And with the added benefit of Security 4X keeping watch, it’s giving IT the confidence to delegate administrative tasks so they can focus on critical business needs.”

Attain Insight

Ottawa, Canada

Paul Hulford, CEO & VP of Sales

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