Timbergrove: Increasing Asset Longevity with Automation

Ian Uriarte, Founder & CEO
I an Uriarte, Founder and CEO of Timbergrove, observes that, “today’s global landscape requires faster time to market.” CIOs are on a quest for agile and flexible tools that empower business processes with automation, but don’t have time to stay current about the details of the latest technologies. Timbergrove strives to bridge this gap between business operations and technological advances. Using existing delivery channels such as mobile and cloud to provide better end user experiences, Timbergrove is focused on large enterprise deployment projects that cross multiple departments or business units. As an IBM Advanced Business Partner, Timbergrove possesses expertise in the WebSphere family of products, Maximo Asset Management, Preventive Maintenance and Quality, and the Internet of Things.

An IBM business partner for almost 10 years, Timbergrove’s experienced personnel not only understand technology, but business drivers as well. The company’s Director of Marketing & Operations, Kimberly Chesser states, “We are bilingual—we speak technology, as well as business.” Adding value to IBM technologies like WebSphere MQ Series, Business Process Manager and Portal, Timbergrove builds integrated and ‘complete’ solutions for its customers.

Uriarte shares that, “IBM gives us the ability not to start from ground zero.” Rightly so, one of Timbergrove’s offerings—Enterprise Assent Management (EAM) powered by IBM’s Maximo, helps organizations predict failures, automate the creation of work orders, schedule resources, and optimize inventory of spare parts handling. Maximo provides a real time operational view of organizations that are heavily based on physical assets like manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, and transportation. It connects data across the enterprise, breaking down siloed systems and helping standardize systems and unify processes, while also preventing costly downtime. “Unlike an ERP, EAM is consumed by operations customers and is focused on assets and locations, rather than on the financial transactions of the organization,” explains Uriarte. “EAM provides an ‘operational view’ of the enterprise.”

We are bilingual—we speak technology, as well as business

For example, a major U.S. airline, which faced several impediments in spare parts management, required Timbergrove’s assistance in optimizing inventory and maintenance units. As the client also had budget constraints, Timbergrove was challenged to envision and implement a very creative solution. Utilizing Maximo Integration Manager and Maximo Asset Manager, Timbergrove built a custom integration engine that enabled them to rapidly synchronize the data from legacy systems with the newly implemented EAM solution. This real time synchronization of data created an improved method of managing spare parts inventory.

In collaboration with IBM, Timbergrove has led efforts in Fortune 100 companies for more than a decade. Attributing this success to his senior team of industry experts, Uriarte states, “we have been striving to position the company on a global scale.” A disciplined practitioner of Krav Maga, Uriarte remains focused on strategically completing the work at hand, while keeping an eye toward the future. He incorporates this philosophy at Timbergrove to flawlessly execute projects for customers—maintaining operational excellence.

As a member of professional societies like Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and IAM, Timbergrove stays current with the latest demands and trends that are vital to the industry. The firm continually innovates to develop products that are reusable and faster to deliver. Marching ahead with its collaborative approach, Timbergrove is partnering with other international technological firms to geographically expand its platform. “This strategy of expanding through partnerships provides us tremendous insights about the growth potential of our organization,” remarks Chesser. Beyond the U.S., Timbergrove is presently experiencing significant growth in Latin America and is planning to expand its presence in the EMEA market.


Houston, TX

Ian Uriarte, Founder & CEO

Timbergrove aligns business operations with technology within organizations that are heavily based on physical assets, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, and transportation