SAIMA Solutions: Enhancing ROI with IBM Cognos

Francisco Prats, CEO
The utilization of data using Business Intelligence (BI) tools is now seen as an eminent way to ensure better delivery of any product or services by companies. “Today, many organizations demand deeper knowledge of enterprise data which can be fulfilled by implementing IBM Cognos, a commonly sought BI solution,” says Francisco Prats, CEO, SAIMA Solutions. The business analytics solutions suite (BA) aids companies to harness data through the BI software to improve their Return on Investment (ROI) and enhance overall business efficiency. SAIMA Solutions, with its deep acumen and industry experience has etched itself a distinct stature in the BA landscape. The firm by offering a combination of services associated with IBM Cognos, delivers management solutions that help augment business performance and increase internal efficiency.

A premium business partner of IBM in the field of BA, SAIMA is specialized in implementation of projects for customers with its IBM certified personals. The company by leveraging IBM Cognos 10, ensures its clients get an accurate view of their business valuation through BI with planning, scenario modeling, and real-time monitoring. Additionally, the firm assures the guarantee of professional consulting during the development and implementation of their BI projects, creation of budgets, and predictive analysis, thereby enabling an efficient administration of the clients’ resources. “Our solution focuses on implementing corporate strategies following parameters like multi-disciplinary team with varied profiles, in-house R&D department, flexibility with BI projects, and support during the life-cycle of the project,” beams Prats.

Alongside implementation of necessary tools, SAIMA stands apart from its involvement and participation throughout the customer’s business management and business decision making processes. The knowledge of different industries and its experience around functional consultancy enables SAIMA to transform business data into relevant information and that adds value for the customer’s company. “We accompany our clients from the birth of an idea to the risk evaluation phase, to launching and implementation of solution, and follow them post their evolution stage,” says Prats.

Our experience allows us to offer a combination of services associated with IBM Cognos

Many of SAIMA’s customers have seen a tremendous growth by seeking its assistance in employing BI tools. For an instance, Base Detall Sport, a high-quality sportswear and expert fitness advice provider was seeking for solution that would help them gain accurate insights on sales. However, the client’s spreadsheet-based approach which was used to collect operational and financial data made it tedious to get an exact view of their existing data. SAIMA Solutions provided the client a data warehouse solution based on IBM Cognos BI software to help them rapidly identify potential issues and take action to boost their sales performance.

BAXIROCA, a Spanish provider of heating systems, also needed enhancement in the quality and cost-efficiency of their after-sales services. The client implemented IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10 which enabled them to analyze data about registered products. Post the solution implementation, the customer was able to monitor the performance of its franchised companies much faster and in a more reliable manner.

With this journey of ensuring success of its clients, SAIMA Solutions plans to carry on its quest to counter the challenge of designing predictive solutions that are based on complex algorithms which would help companies anticipate reality. The company is en route to expand its operations in new market territories and develop solutions that address requirements related to emerging technologies such as Big Data. “We have an important path to travel with new challenges that are brought to us every day,” concludes Prats.

SAIMA Solutions

Barcelona, Spain

Francisco Prats, CEO

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