Proxym Group: Navigating through the Mobility Space with IBM

Wassel Berrayana, Founder & CEO
Mobility in enterprises has become a quotidian affair. It is now no longer a hurdle for companies to share and disseminate sensitive information with the users to fulfill their data-processing requirements. Such wider consent among enterprise classes has led to progressive expansion of mobility across all areas. From consumer applications to corporate deployments, mobile applications have not only become popular means to consume data, but have positioned as a more privileged way of performing transactions and capturing rich information. Contributing significantly to this digital revolution is Proxym Group a company that acts as a global IT player in offering cradle to grave solutions for mobile, web, and information systems. “Our extensive know-how in mobility enables us to serve wide variety of clients across Europe, Middle East, and North-West Africa,” says Wassel Berrayana, Founder and CEO, Proxym Group. The company has developed more than 180 mobile apps for industries including banking, health, retail, government, and Telecommunications. “We take pride that our journey with mobility started nine years ago and has gone through wide range of mobile platforms including J2ME, Symbian, Bada, Tizen, Windows, iOS, and Android,” states Wassel.

Founded in 2006, Proxym Group was one of the first out of gate to order IBM MobileFirst platform and gain proficiency over it. In this light, Wassel says, “Our strong belief on IBM’s legitimacy, vision, and security calibre made us vouch for their mobile development platform.” Subsequently, the company currently assures that most of its professional’s capitalize on the competence of IBM MobileFirst to enhance the performance of mobility services together with mobile native development skills. In addition, the company blends the benefits of IBM MobileFirst with open-standards such as HTML5 to enable clients in adapting sustainable full-lifecycle approach for building digital strategies. On the basis of such coalition, Wassel says, “Our success in delivering high quality applications utilizing IBM technology has repeated several times.”

The company offers services to build secured and contextualized mobile applications for various government institutions. The applications are associated with any civic governance issue such as renewing car plate, paying speed fine or notifications on passport status. “Our proficiency in transforming heavy number of forms into mobile-friendly workflows facilitates ease in executing the governmental processes,” expresses Wassel.

Besides supporting government, the Proxym Group proffers Mobile Banking solutions for financial institutions to allow providing core-banking services together with mobile marketing services.

Mobility is often the first major step in digital transforming organizations and processes. Our agile methodology and IBM Mobility platform that integrates mobile lifecycle management are one of important key factors to make this transformation a success

Such effective banking services by Proxym Group empower the clients to quickly and cost-effectively meet their goals around businesses.

“In addition to regular apps, our end-to-end secured mobile offerings include tablet-based Point of Sale (POS) solutions and solutions for Direct Store Delivery (DSD) for Telcos and Consumer-Packaged-Goods (CPG) industries,” asserts Wassel. The company’s POS solutions delve to offer contextualized and geo-localized information that helps in attracting and targeting users.

Proxym Group has successfully helped a spectrum of companies in achieving streamlined array of web and mobility services. One of the company’s customers, Federal Agency for Human Resources (FAHR) in UAE, chose Proxym Group to mobile-enable their complete range of HR functions. The connectivity capabilities of IBM MobileFirst along with the usage-focused social-inspired design approach and the company’s skillfulness has paved way for the optimization of client’s HR operations. “With two million unique visits per month, our HR application has attained great popularity among clients’ targeted users,” extols Wassel.

Proxym Group, with its cost effective secured mobility solutions, will continue to identify upcoming business opportunities with IBM. “We are excited about the momentum we have already gained in conjunction with IBM partnership, and we look forward for much more,” says Wassel. In the similar lines of crafting a bright picture for company’s future, Wassel says, “We predict a steep hike in the trend of Internet of Things (IoT). Hence, we see a natural progression in taking our app development skill-set toward IoT development.”

Proxym Group

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Wassel Berrayana, Founder & CEO

At the cross-road of Web, Mobile and Information Systems’ convergence. It leverages IBM MobileFirst for mobile-enabling organizations and processes