OSS-Integrators Inc.: Part of the DeployPartners Group Service Assurance Expertise to meet Enterprise Goals

Ari Gurewitz, Founder & Managing Director
Telecommunications is a constantly evolving environment with newer technologies and business models. In today's packet-switched, content-driven, multi-network, and multi-technology business world, telecom service providers not only need to build high-speed communication networks but also ensure that connectivity is delivered in an efficient fashion. Supporting VoIP, high-speed data transfer, Unified Communication, video conferencing, and the lineup of various multimedia apps play a big part in this equation. As telecom companies roll out best-of-breed networks and services, they need efficient operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) to go along with them. OSS-Integrators, a U.S. based company and part of the Deploy Partners’ Group, is vested to address this need by leveraging the suite of IBM IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions to help customers capitalize on their existing infrastructure, add additional services when needed, and
become more efficient with their bandwidth and network. “We specialize in design, implementation, training and support, and sales of IBM ITSM products and solutions,” says Ari Gurewitz, Founder and Managing Director, OSS-Integrators.

IBM’s ITSM Pillar is a unified platform of software products designed for automation of network management, availability and performance of network infrastructure, applications and business services. Being an IBM Focus Partner for ITSM, OSS Integrators along with DeployPartners with their Gold Accreditation leverage the platform to streamline network processes for the provisioning and activation of new services within the existing network infrastructure. This speeds up the time to market for value-added services, facilitates the delivery of converged voice, video and data services, integrates service applications and connects backend support systems. The company helps significantly reduce network outages, degradation, and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) which measures the reliability and availability of network and operations infrastructure. OSS-Integrators and Deploy Partners offer end-to-end visualization of the entire network infrastructure along with root cause analysis and the ability to address potential failures before they happen.

With every member of our service delivery team being IBM certified deployment professionals in ITSM, we have the highest number of Tivoli product certifications in the Asia-Pacific region

“We also implement automated network configuration change management to improve the quality of networks,” says Ari.

“With every member of our service delivery team being IBM certified deployment professionals in ITSM, we have the highest number of Tivoli product certifications in the Asia-Pacific region,” says Adrian Petzer, MD, DeployPartners. “We also have a highly qualified senior management team, with locally certified professionals in OSS and BSS technologies.” They resell IBM software and provide ongoing license entitlement and renewal management services. The company not only implements Tivoli products but also supports and maintains the whole platform along with providing training to their clients. In addition, OSSI along with DeployPartners support their clients throughout the project lifecycle and create roadmaps and data programs to help them consistently evaluate their operational effectiveness. Their expertise in increasing resiliency of enterprise network and systems infrastructures has helped them gain a large base of global clientele over the years. OSS Integrators along with DeployPartners have numerous offices across US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. “We will continue to expand our global reach,” says Ari. The company is witnessing new opportunities emerging from South America, Europe and South Africa. “As we see businesses increasingly seeking new partners to help them achieve their goals from their IT infrastructure to Operations and Business Management, we are working toward being that partner of choice,” he concludes.


Seattle, WA

Ari Gurewitz, Founder & Managing Director

OSS Integrators is a Premier IBM Partner and an IT Operations Consulting and Analytics solution provider focused on improving customer network uptime and dependability