Top 10 Most Promising Ibm Solution Companies - 2022

Top 10 Most Promising Ibm  Solution Companies - 2022

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    Offers a holistic, platform/OS-agnostic, cloud-native, single-interface middleware management portal, Infrared360®, which scales thousands of endpoints, and offers complete administration, monitoring, testing, auditing, and statistical reporting for enterprise middleware environments. Infrared360® does real-time monitoring of middleware environments, as opposed to other solutions that merely write to logs and then monitor the logs. This enables the solution to proactively alert users regarding impending issues and eliminates the issue of delayed alerts. Powered by True Real-Time™ monitoring, the solution allows IT teams to proactively monitor and manage enterprise messaging applications (IBM MQ, IBM IIB/ACE, Apache Kafka, and AMQ), application servers like (Websphere, Tomcat-Server, and JBoss), appliances (MQ Appliance, DataPower), and web services (REST, URL, and SOAP).

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    A technology partner for IBM, Cobalt Iron offers Compass: a proprietary SaaS platform for monitoring, managing, provisioning, and securing the complete enterprise backup landscape.