Cobalt Iron Compass: Humanless Data Backup with Cyber Resiliency

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Andy Hurt, Chief Marketing Officer
The writing on the wall is loud and clear: it is time to move beyond legacy data protection environments. Up until recently, data backup protection had been an afterthought for many Fortune 2000 organizations. With today’s operational complexities and escalated security risks around backup, the dynamics have changed. Cobalt Iron, a SaaS-based data protection provider, recognized the need for a greatly simplified, extremely secured backup solution early on and focused on innovating toward the same.

Cobalt Iron has built a patented cyber resilience technology in a SaaS model to alleviate the complexities of managing large, multivendor setups, providing an effectual humanless backup experience. This SaaS-based data protection platform, called Compass, leverages strong IBM technologies. For example, IBM Spectrum Protect is embedded into the platform from a data backup and recovery perspective.

“We have optimized our Compass SaaS solution around the IBM technology portfolio. Added to that, our Compass Analytics Engine drives machine-learning-optimized automation into the backup environment and runs on the IBM Cloud,” says Andy Hurt, chief marketing officer at Cobalt Iron.

By combining IBM’s technology and the intellectual property built by Cobalt Iron, the company delivers a secure, modernized approach to data protection, providing a “true” software as a service.

The platform has a simple and intuitive interface to display a consolidated view of data backups across an entire organization without logging in to every backup product instance to extract data. The machine learning-enabled platform also automates backup processes and infrastructure, making the whole operation a humanless experience. The platform utilizes open APIs to connect with ticket management systems to automatically generate tickets about any backups that may have failed or are in need of immediate attention. But, the company does not stop at simply streamlining data backup workflows alone.

To ensure the security of data backups, Cobalt Iron has developed an architecture and security feature set called Cyber Shield for 24/7 threat protection, detection, and analysis that improves ransomware responsiveness.
Additionally, Cobalt Iron has eliminated most cyberattack vulnerabilities by architecting Compass in a manner that requires no login credentials for any of the backup infrastructure components. Compass users maintain policy control but are entirely restricted from backup or storage environment access. As a result, the backup remains secure from intentional and accidental threats.

The company is driving innovation and holds a broad portfolio of patents. Many of these patents are specific to analytics and ransomware. One recent patent discloses cutting-edge analytics-based cloud brokering of data protection operations; another discloses dynamic IT infrastructure optimization in response to cyberthreats. The former is designed to help organizations securely, cost-effectively, and efficiently utilize their cloud infrastructure. These patented techniques dynamically reconfigure clouds to use a combination of on-premise and other cloud resources. The latter discloses unique ransomware analytics and automated optimizations that adjust backup infrastructure and operations to reduce exposures to active cyberattacks.

Our Compass Analytics Engine drives machine-learning-optimized automation into the backup environment and runs on IBM Cloud

As cybersecurity continually grows to be an essential element complementing backup products, Cobalt Iron’s patents will ensure that the company becomes a partner of choice for organizations looking to secure their backups seamlessly. It is important to note that Compass is now a part of IBM’s product catalog where, through IBM Passport Advantage, clients can license Eligible Products (EP). With such innovations, all eyes will be on Cobalt Iron for further advancements in humanless, secure data backup solutions. Cobalt Iron currently focuses on IP protection and continuous R&D to bring about additional cybersecurity-related innovations, promising a more secure future for an enterprise’s data.

Cobalt Iron Compass

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Andy Hurt, Chief Marketing Officer

A technology partner for IBM, Cobalt Iron offers Compass: a proprietary SaaS platform for monitoring, managing, provisioning, and securing the complete enterprise backup landscape.

Cobalt Iron Compass