reevert: Providing Comprehensive, Yet Cost Effective Data Recovery

Ara Aslanian, Co-founder and CEO
Having run Inverselogic, a leading IT managed services firm for the past 20 years, Ara Aslanian, was shocked by the unequivocal rise in sophisticated ransomware attacks targeting businesses. He saw that the attacks are more frequent on SMBs knowing that they cannot continue their operations without data for even a single day. Also, that the small businesses have inadequate recovery and backup solutions owing to exorbitant market prices for these solutions that range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Drawn by the need to address this dire situation for SMBs, Aslanian and reevert co-founder Alan Baghumian, made it their mission to develop a cost-effective yet a comprehensive data storage, backup and recovery solution, thus leading to the inception of reevert and their namesake software.

reevert is an intelligent, hybrid data backup and disaster recovery solution, built right from the ground up to protect systems, servers, and networks against all forms of ransomware and malware. The solution is holistically built to provide storage and data backups, both on-site as well as to a number of cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to add an additional layer of security. Not just support, reevert has also come to partner with IBM and Wasabi, to help users have the most judicious, secure and effective combination of data back-up and storage.

Moving ahead from the traditional approaches, reevert adopts a flat backup approach. While a conventional system does data backup only once a day, which might amount to serious data loss for the day of the attack, reevert offers hourly backups, ensuring absolute data recovery, right to the point of attack. It takes snapshots of incremental changes, as well as uses built-in data compression and dynamic file systems block size to not only save data storage space but make recovery faster. Lastly, as reevert core is built using the highly sophisticated ZFS file-system, it offers effective insulation from any pernicious malware.

However, what makes reevert so incredible is the aspect of customer-centricity. Not only is the solution offered at a minimal price of $899 a year, which happens to be 1/5th to 1/10th the price of available offerings, it is also highly usable.

reevert is an intelligent, hybrid data backup and disaster recovery solution, built right from the ground up to protect systems, servers, and networks against all forms of ransomware and malware

The platform is built with an intuitive interface and rich administrative panel, comprising of ‘Dashboards,’ to check the status of systems, ‘Pools,’ storage volumes created from virtual or physical hard drives, ‘Shares,’ network accessible folders to store data, and a number of other feature to offer the most simplified and enriched administrative experience.

Developed as both a virtual and physical appliance, reevert has come to offer proven benefits to a number of users. For instance, when a California-based construction management firm, one of the largest reevert users was hit by a pernicious ransomware attack on one Monday morning, thanks to reevert, the firm was able to recover every data set and get their engineers up and running within a mere span of 45 min. “It was at 7.45 a.m. that the attack was identified and by 8.30 a.m. the firm was fully operational and running, enabling them to deliver the crucial project due for the respective day,” remarks Aslanian.

The success of such an incredible solution can be credited to the dynamic team of reevert. It is their sheer cohesion, vast experience, and conviction that makes reevert relentlessly grow year after year. The company looks forward to launching a partner portal, to entice beneficial collaboration with service providers and MSPs, and add a special feature to shift user’s data snapshots automatically from servers to the cloud in cases of disaster. Furthermore, reevert looks to penetrate its solution in the European market.


Glendale, CA

Ara Aslanian, Co-founder and CEO

Providers of hybrid data storage, backup, and disaster recovery solution