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Mike Henderson, EVP of Global Sales & Marketing In the age of uninterrupted connectivity, superior service assurance and IT service management (ITSM) are instrumental in ensuring that enterprise networks meet a pre-defined service quality. However, as IT and network operations grow more complex, the likelihood of unplanned outages also increases, placing more pressure on operations management. While IBM is a key player with a host of solutions that enable better control and management of expanding networks, the need of the hour is a holistic approach that can further extend IBM’s service management capabilities. “Although IBM does a phenomenal job writing software, our niche lies in realizing the value from it,” remarks Mike Henderson, EVP of Global Sales and Marketing of gen-E. As a premier partner of IBM with over two decades of experience, gen-E exhibits strong expertise in IBM middleware and is the go-to authority on network optimization. The company offers a wide range of solutions from unified service assurance and predictive analytics to professional and managed services that enable enterprises as well as communication service providers (CSPs) to predict, analyze, and resolve network problems in no time. All of gen-E’s offerings— powered by IBM technology—function as a value-add component, and they complement a client’s existing service assurance investments by connecting people, processes, and data. “At gen-E, we are driven by a passion to deliver top of the line network optimization so that our clients can count on improved network visibility, reliability, and performance,” adds Henderson.

Unlike most solution providers that endorse rip and replace methods, gen-E takes a more use-case centric route. The company bridges the gap between future and legacy technology with a modern and nimble approach. At the start of every project, experts at gen-E perform a health check to determine the current state of a client’s network, identify the gaps, and consequently frame a roadmap for improved network and IT operations. The larger goal behind this roadmap is to identify the best steps with regard to configurations and deployments that can optimize network performance. “A key part of our value proposition is that we are agnostic to different infrastructures and our solutions can be deployed as on-premise and cloud implementations,” says Henderson.

"We are driven by a passion to deliver top of the line network optimization so that our clients can count on improved network visibility, reliability, and performance"
Innovation in Action

For a true and holistic view into the health and performance of businesses, gen-E OpsCenter is the first of its kind software solution that is powered by IBM Netcool Operations Insight (NOI), an analytics-driven event management solution that provides cross-domain, correlation and consolidation of millions of alerts and operational data into a single view. gen-E OpsCenter is an integrated solution that provides predictive insights into the impact of day-to-day network operations and delivers superior fault management. The company has a strong foothold in data analytics and integrates machine learning capabilities with IBM solutions to help clients leverage their existing installations. Performance Management for Operations Insight is one such add-on that can be integrated to NOI for complete visibility of network traffic. The add-on enables a user to view visuals and reports of network performance data and gain actionable insights for proactive problem identification. “We leverage a wide catalog of IBM solutions and make it stronger with the right set of visualization, analytics, presentation layers, and chatbot applications,” explains Henderson.

We leverage a wide catalog of IBM solutions and make it stronger with the right set of visualization, analytics, and presentation layers

Quality Service at the Core

As a long-term partner with the highest number of IBM accreditations in the service management space, gen-E has extensive experience servicing Fortune 500 companies and CSPs. One such story is that of a nationwide internet service provider & telecommunications company who reached out to gen-E to improve their service availability and network quality. gen-E came onboard and implemented gen-E OpsCenter that not only allowed the client to automate their remediation process but the solution was also fully scalable according to the client’s requirements. In no time the client achieved decreased reaction time, increased first level resolution, and saved $600,000 annually. Furthermore, with IBM Predictive Insights, the client was able to detect 100 percent of their major incidents, including silent failures and eliminated the human-intensive task of managing manual thresholds.

gen-E’s expertise in ITSM encompasses the key function areas critical to ensuring quality service: Event Management, Performance Management and Configuration Management, with an additional emphasis on Visualization to provide a simple, intuitive user experience. Through over 250 event and network management implementations, gen-E has amassed the domain proficiency to advise clients on the best route to ROI with best-in-breed technology.
To enable IT and network teams to be effective and responsive amid rapidly changing conditions, gen-E implements IBM Agile Service Manager (ASM). Recently launched as a Netcool Operations Insight add-on product, IBM ASM delivers dynamic, converged topology and relationship information through a combination of polling discovery and active bidirectional communication with the other actors in the environment. To get a graphical view of configurations, IBM’s Agile Lifecycle Manager is the solution of choice for gen-E as it provides network engineers with detailed insights into service assemblies. For quick incident resolution, the company recommends IBM Cloud Event Manager that enables DevOps teams to efficiently restore operational health and service quality in a timely manner. Moreover, for maximum client benefit, gen-E conducts continuous ongoing monitoring and an annual operations check-up to ensure that organizations keep up with all network changes as well as industry best practices.

A Well-tuned Network

“We constantly strive to provide round the clock, top-tier support as we want our customers to be future-ready for the next big disruption in enterprise network,” states Henderson. The company offers best-in-class managed services and maintenance through certified remote administrators who have deep domain knowledge in wireless and data networking. gen-E also provides a full spectrum of consulting services, to guide organizations in every aspect of services delivery, from project inception through a successful transition. All of gen-E’s clients have access to professional services consultants who train and assist clients during deployments and targeted reviews opening the quickest path to value, at the lowest possible cost.

What makes gen-E a cut above other service assurance solution providers is its unique hybrid culture. The company thrives in a collaborative and transparent environment similar to a startup company but is backed by a strong vision and mission that holds industry stalwarts together.

This year gen-E is all poised to extend its services across the globe and recently invested in new regional headquarters in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Additionally, the company will also embrace the latest Machine Learning and AI technologies and integrate them into their solution set as adjunct pieces, in order to keep up with the IBM evolution, changing customer requirements, as well as new network rollouts such as 5G. These new additions will further empower customers to extract the best out of IBM’s products. Through all these technology upgrades, gen-E’s aim is not to dispense humans but to aid them in achieving an agile architecture. In 2018, the company will focus more on analytics-driven event management. “We believe we are far more ahead of the curve when it comes to service assurance and we are equally excited about the products that IBM has to offer. Going ahead our customers can expect the best of Big Blue from gen-E,” ends Henderson.


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Mike Henderson, EVP of Global Sales & Marketing

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