Perficient: Driving Businesses toward Efficient Cloud Migration

Jeffrey Davis, President & CEO
While enterprises continue to leverage data migration solutions—such as IBM Notes— changes in data formats and platforms have become major hurdles for businesses. To thwart such challenges, solution providers have time and again tried to innovate in a bid to ease the task of data migration. And, an ever growing presence of big data across every vertical only serves to antagonize these efforts. Under such scenarios, St. Louis based Perficient grabs attention by leveraging its long standing experience in delivering IBM solutions to constantly address industry pain points through agile integrated business suites.

With the approach to digitally transform businesses and having journeyed around 20 years of partnering with IBM to deliver comprehensive, industry-focused solutions, Perficient today caters to around 2000 clients globally. At times when cloud adoption has become an inextricable necessity to drive business growth, Perficient devises a winning formula for its clients by allowing enterprises to migrate to cloud by leveraging IBM SoftLayer. This standardized cloud-based application platform endows customers with modernized and secured cloud infrastructure. Moreover, being a cost-effective solution, it allows businesses to seamlessly migrate onto, and reap the maximum possible benefits of hybrid cloud model.

Leveraging technical expertise gained through acquisitions made over the years, Perficient has extended its coverage beyond cloud solutions, penetrating into e-commerce landscape as well. Jeffrey Davis, CEO and President, Perficient sheds light on his company’s commitment to strengthen its digital capabilities, and adds that acquisitions are a part of his strategy to deliver success to clients. From omni-channel delivery to sales and order management, and customer experience analysis, Perficient brings a unified business suite to the table. Innovating across the length and breadth of IBM’s e-commerce solutions portfolio to enhance clients’ productivity, the offerings for digital businesses provided by Perficient include IBM Tealeaf, IBM Websphere, and IBM Emptoris. Adding to the value proposition, the company also offers training and education for IBM’s Websphere and Analytics solution to enhance a client’s overall digital experience.

From omni-channel delivery to sales and order management, and customer experience analysis, Perficient brings a unified business suite to the table

One trend with pronounced visibility in the wake of businesses embracing digitization is the growing influence of Business Intelligence (BI) which has transformed the way business strategies are developed and employed by enterprises. In this light, Perficient has moved ahead to club together analytics, data, content, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to not only deliver BI, but also performance management, and predictive and risk analytics solution. The deployment of such solutions with integrated capabilities offers deeper insights to Perficient clients. “Perficient has a distinguished track record of delivering outstanding digital experience, business optimization, and industry solutions to the world’s leading enterprises,” states Davis.

Earning testimonial commendation as an Outstanding Enterprise Cloud Solution at this year’s IBM Beacon Award convened in Orlando, Perficient was recognized for its migration-as-a-service for IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform, Immersion. By implementing this solution, Perficient’s clients have boosted their in-cloud application development efficiency by up to 40 percent as compared to standard migration practices. With a record of successfully leveraging IBM’s capabilities to drive client growth, Perficient continues to inspire others within the space by being a Premier Business Partner of IBM. And, Perficient is optimistic, says Davis, about its plans to further consolidate its IBM portfolio while continuing to help businesses succeed in the years to come.


St Louis, MO

Jeffrey Davis, President & CEO

A firm with long standing experience in delivering IBM solutions to address industry pain points through agile and integrated business suites